Theta Delta Chi:
House Tour

Located on 19th Avenue between 45th and 47th Avenues, the Charge House stands out among other houses in the Greek Community due to its physical structure resembling that of the White House in Washington D.C. While the floor plan is not at all similar to the White House, the brothers of Theta Delta Chi take pride in living in "the white house" on Greek Row.
Formal Room Entering the Charge means being greeted by the blue foyer where the current fraternity composite of all the members proudly hangs. To the right is the Formal Room, one of the largest rooms in the house.
The Formal Room is easily one of the best rooms in the house. With cozy couches, wide windows that provide good lighting during the day and lamps that make the room well-lit at night, the Formal is the perfect place to lounge around with friends, watch on the wide-screen television or listen to someone playing on the Grand Piano. Formal Room
Lowell Fenton Library To the left of the foyer is the Lowell Fenton Library, where study tables and small meetings are held. The Lowell Fenton Library is the perfect place to get work done, and includes a long table and several couches. The library is usually a quiet room, so it is also a good place to read a book or just relax after a long day.
Leaving the main floor and heading downstairs leads to the basement, which includes the game room, bar, dining room, kitchen and a courtyard. In addition to being a place to eat the meals prepared by the house chef, the dining room is also a place for small meetings, and is turned into a huge dance floor during our parties. To the left of the dining room are French doors that lead to the courtyard. Dining Room
Kitchen During the week, the house chef works and serves food throughout the day. During the weekends and summer, the kitchen can be used by brothers because a chef is not employed during that time. The kitchen includes a huge dishwasher, three large sinks, several refrigerators and a walk-in freezer.
Next to the dining room is the game room, which consists of a pool table, a ping-pong table, a dartboard and a workout area with free weights and machines. The game room can be found to be frequently busy as it is used daily by brothers for leisure and for get-togethers and small parties. Game Room
Portico / Hookah Room
On the third floor is the Portico Room, otherwise known as the Hookah room. This new room to TDX includes several couches, a music system, and access to the Portico balcony. This room is one of the coziest rooms in the house and is a new frequently used gathering room in TDX.
There are three bathrooms in Theta Delta Chi, one on each floor. The bathroom pictured above is the second floor bathroom. The second and third floor bathrooms include three toilet stalls, sinks and a huge shower that has seven showers. The first floor bathroom is smaller, with a single shower and toilet. Restroom
Single Room This is what a typical single occupancy room looks like in TDX. All brothers are encouraged to decorate and be creative with their rooms. As a fraternity that doesn't employ sleeping porches, brothers have the opportunity to eventually move up to a single room from a double or quad.